So sorry but no Milawa eggs available until October. They’re going through a full farm moult on top of problems with foxes.

Organic Beef Traditional Roast 1kg

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Roast Details
Gather friends and family around and enjoy a traditional Sunday beef roast.

This roast weighs approximately 1 kg.  The traditional roast will be vacuum sealed to ensure a shelf life of 14 days from the day it is packaged. 

Our certified organic beef is:

  • Ethically raised on a regenerative farm where we farm in harmony with nature
  • 100% grass fed for their whole lives
  • Slowly grown until they reach natural maturity 
  • Hung on the bone to develop the wonderful flavour our customers enjoy.

Animal welfare and environmental sustainability are at the core of what we do.

Cooking Instructions
BBQ, pan-sear or oven roast.