About Us


In April 2016 our little co-op was born from the simple idea that our food should be fresh, we should know where it's coming from, and that animals should be treated well. We searched for the right fit and established partnerships with producers who shared our values.

Since then, we have kept within the same values and brought on more products. We use our community's purchasing power to buy directly from the original source and local as much as we can.

We strongly believe in community, that we can be more empowered, self sustainable, and most importantly; healthier.


Fruit & veggies that sit in a warehouse for weeks or months? No thank you
10,000 hens crammed together laying eggs for the mass production of supermarkets who label them as "free range" because there's a tiny door to the outside world that's too inaccessible for most hens?  No thank you!

We'd rather 300 hens per square hectare, foraging around on grass.  We'd rather get eggs from the farmer 2 days after they're laid and not after weeks of sitting in a warehouse.  We'd rather pay the farmer their asking price and not milk every cent and force them into a situation where they have to reduce quality just to barely survive.


Our aim is to continue to work with more farmers and great producers of quality foods.  The more you support us, the more our purchasing power, the more we can bring you and the more we can support local business and farmers.