About Us

Hi, I'm Alan. In 2016 I watched an episode on how laying chooks are crammed into sheds with barely any room to move.  So I researched what kind of environment chooks are happy in, found out about stocking density and what it means to be truly free range, and put it out there in the community about farm to plate eggs and supporting ethical farmers.  Our little co-op was born and is still running to this day.

In 2018, I created onlinefarmersmarket.com.au with the view that we could create more connections with more farmers and producers of quality foods and products.  My long term vision is for this site to be an actual online farmers market and artisan market, where you will be able to buy gourmet and quality produce.  I would like for this site to compliment the markets, for it to have the same or similar growers/producers and widen their reach across Melbourne and beyond.

I am hopeful that more people will stop prioritizing convenience, and consider the ingredients in their food.  I am hopeful that more people will ditch the convenience of the supermarkets and start to support the farmers who give back to the soil.  Because I tell you this - the farmers who are stripping every cent so they can win the business of mega corporation supermarkets, they aren't putting nutrients back into the soil - if the soil isn't healthy, neither are we.

Support the farmers that support the soil.  And if you already do, thank you!

Thank you for reading :)
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