Introduction to Zeolite

Zeolite, also known as clinoptilolite is created when volcanic rock and ash meets water, forming a unique micro-porous “honey-comb” structure with strong negative charge.

It is the zeolites “honeycomb” structure and strong negative charge that has the ability to electro-magnetically trap and hold positively charged particles such as heavy metals and other toxins, through the process of what is known as “Cation Exchange”.

Once the zeolite comes in contact with these positively charged particles, the zeolite will “exchange” its nutrients which are locked inside its open-cage structure from when it was formed. These trace minerals include Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, and others in smaller quantities.  When correctly processed, zeolite will give the body a good ION; like magnesium, and take away a bad ION; like mercury.

What is TMAZ?

TMAZ simply stands for TriboMechanically Activated Zeolite. TMAZ is a world-wide patented micronisation and activation process of zeolite. The current form of zeolite products are milled with conventional methods such as ball-milling and jet-milling. These methods have many limiting factors, and are now out-dated.

The arrival of TMAZ technology has taken zeolite to the next level, and has demonstrated to be more effective than the traditional methods because of the micronisation process. Such benefits include a more uniform particle size and shape. The average TMAZ particle size is 20x smaller than conventional ball milling micron size. This greatly increases the surface area of the TMAZ product, making it more reactive and more available for the body to utilise.

Where is the Zeolite sourced and milled/activated?

Advance Zeolite Powder TMAZ Powder uses zeolite sourced in New Zealand and milled/activated in Melbourne, Australia. The characteristics of the New Zealand Zeolite differ from the Australian source, having a higher CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity) and a better mineral profile. Advance Zeolite Powder TMAZ can safely and gently remove heavy metals and other contaminates through normal excretory processes, allowing the immune system to operate more efficiently. Give your body a helping hand with removing the nasties and feel the difference!


Clinoptilolite Zeolite Powder 200g


Zeolite + Bromelain 200g


Zeolite + Feel Good Greens 120g


Activated Zeolite + Magnesium Drops 50ml