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Clinoptilolite Zeolite Powder 200g

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Advance Clinoptilolite Zeolite Powder contains 100% Clinoptilolite, Micronized and Activated using TMAZ Advance Vortex Technology.

The Zeolite molecule in our Clinoptilolite Zeolite Powder binds to Heavy Metals + Toxins to assist in Cleansing the body from Impurities and balancing the body’s PH Levels. Zeolite also acts as a Mineral Transporter, binding other essential nutrients to it and assisting with carrying them around the body to Increase Absorption.

Key Benefits - May Aid and Assist with:

  • Eliminating Toxins from the Body.

  • Increase Antioxidant Levels.

  • Gut Health.

  • Memory and Brain Function.

  • Increase Energy.

  • Immunity Cell Counts.

Serving Suggestion: Add 2 tsp to your daily beverage to assist with Gut Health, support your Immune System, Improve Mood, Reduce Fatigue, provide Mental Clarity and assist with Overall Wellbeing.

Ingredients: Clinoptilolite 100%

Caution: Not suitable for pregnant, lactating women or children under 12 years.

Store in a cool dry place under 30C