CO-OP Information

Our cooperative (CO-OP) started in 2016 and every month we have eggs that go straight from the farm to our volunteers. Our members pick up their eggs + other things like pastries, nuts, fruit/veg box etc

Our current locations are: Elwood, Williamstown, West Footscray, Braybrook, Altona North.

Want to join?
If you want to order for co-op pick up, then please choose your pick up suburb, keeping in mind sometimes we may have to move you over to another suburb (logistics or volunteer being on holiday), and choose what you'd like. We will give you the pick up address and get you in touch with the person you're picking up from.

Want to get this started in your suburb?
It's a requirement to have a house for people to have access to, so no apartments or security gates that are hard to get by etc, also must have air conditioning for hot days. We send you the list of people who are picking up from you and what they're picking up. Pretty straight forward.