Chicken, eggs and the farmer - what's going on?


Just to bring everyone to speed.  The Milawa farmer phases out organic chicken on 23rd of Dec 2021.  I'll be offering Milawa Free Range (non organic) chicken from Jan 10th - changing things over during the Xmas break. 


Russell (the farmer) is retiring from meat chicken, so he's selling the meat chicken side of the business and the people who are buying it have to go through the organic process themselves.  He isn't selling the farm and will continue to be an organic eggs farmer in his retirement days.

Why am I not just finding another organic chicken supplier?  

Finding an organic chicken supplier who can supply Melbourne and has all the logistics is like finding a needle in a hay stack.  I've tried.  All organic feed comes from QLD and minimum order quantity is too much for most small organic chicken farmers.

I hope this answers some questions.  Milawa Free Range chicken tastes amazing.  If you want high quality free range, then continue to buy Milawa.  If you only want organic, then I'm sorry that we must part ways and I thank you for your support and wish you all the best :)