Who is Zeally Bay Sourdough (ZBS)? - in their own words...

We support an Organic farming future by baking our daily bread using only Certified Organic and Biodynamic ingredients grown in healthy biologically active soils. We honour the connection between regenerative agriculture and healthy nourishing food. 

Organic certification guarantees the provenance and quality of every ingredient; ensuring freedom from artificial fertilizers, chemical pesticides and weedicides as well as GMOs.  

We wholeheartedly committed to this endeavour on day one, founding Zeally Bay Sourdough in 2007 as Victoria’s first independently audited Certified Organic bakery based in our hometown, Torquay. 

Our leaven established in 1981 at Wholefoods Kitchen has been nurtured by our family for over forty years. We use expert hand skills and long fermentation to make genuine sourdough baked on a stone hearth – bread of enduring quality, wonderful depth of flavour and environmental integrity.

Note: Bread is only available for Melbourne delivery.